Towards the sun....

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The vitamin D supplier in winter

When the days get shorter during the winter months, the solarium can be used as an alternative to natural solar radiation. 
The ultraviolet light of the sun is important for processes in the human body and therefore also for health and personal well-being. 

Solarium sunlight affects the production of melatonin in the skin. Among other things, this messenger, which is classified as a hormone, controls the sleep-wake cycle. 
The walk to the tanning studio can thus prevent the dreaded winter fatigue. Since the melatonin is also responsible for the tanning effect of the skin, as a small extra, a fresher and healthier appearance of the skin can be achieved.

Sunlight is indispensable for vitamin D3 production in the body. The vitamin D taken in with food is merely a precursor that is converted by the body into the actual vitamin D3 with the help of ultraviolet rays. As this vitamin is responsible, among other things, for the formation of bones and teeth, going to the tanning salon can prevent deficiency symptoms.