Studio change offer

It's time for a new Fitness & Vital Club!

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LAVIDA - just feel good!

You really want to enjoy more than just medical fitness and training?
Then come to the LAVIDA and we will show you our extensive services including spa and pool area!

If you are still a member of a gym and would like to switch to LAVIDA, we show you our individual studio change offers!
No problem - together we will surely find the ideal solution for your change! 


Give membership in payment

Pay up to 12 months only the difference to your old contract!

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Studio change made easy

Upon conclusion of a membership LAVIDA (104 weeks) and presentation of the notice of termination of your previous fitness club you pay to the end of your current contract period * to the LAVIDA only the difference of the contributions. **

This is how it looks in practice:
Article in LAVIDA 16.90 € per week
Contribution in your previous studio 14.90 € per week
You pay us only 2.90 € per week more ***

* = Crediting of the old contract up to 12 months
** = No credit, payment or combination with other offers possible.
Evidence of termination of your old fitness club, such as confirmation of termination, must be submitted to LAVIDA within 60 days of membership.
*** = possibly plus service and key packages

The old contract runs only briefly

We solve the problem with your remaining time!

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You want to convince yourself of the LAVIDA? Arrange a trial training!

If you decide to terminate your current membership with a short remaining term and conclude a contract with Lavida, you can complete up to 12 weeks free of charge upon completing your 52 or 104 week membership.