The heat comes from within

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Infrared - efficient health care

What is infrared radiation? 
The so-called IR radiation is also called thermal radiation and is part of the optical radiation. The most important source of this natural radiation is the sunlight. The infrared radiation makes up about 50 percent of the radiation that hits the ground.

Health Benefits of the Infrared Cabin 
Infrared applications are  similar in physiological impact to  mild endurance sports and, according to the available results, are also recommended for people with, for example, age-related mobility restrictions. 
The body core temperature increases measurably during the infrared irradiation. This increase  stimulates our  immune system to mobilize more forces for a short time: metabolic processes are raised. 
The blood circulation of the tissue is increased and thus its supply of nutrients and oxygen. 
The immune system works faster, it can fight unwanted intruders better and accelerate the healing process.
In addition, sweating due to increased body core temperature may  assist the targeted  reduction in body weight .